Tipperary farm security initiative

A joint initiative between the Gardaí and the IFA aimed at increasing farm security in Tipperary was launched in the Horse and Jockey this week.

The Tipperary Farm Security Initiative draws on experience from Donegal where a similar programme has already been rolled out.

Asst. Commissioner Pat Nolan and IFA General Secretary Pat Smith said their two organisations will work together to deter and detect crime against Tipperary’s farming families.

William Shortall (IFA Development Officer) gave a demonstration on Pat Hogan’s farm on how to mark a vehicle so Gardaí can return stolen equipment to its rightful owners.

It’s hoped that 100% of Tiperary farmers will sign up to the plan. “This initiative has already been piloted in Donegal, and there has been significant successes,” said Commissioner Nolan. “You can see from the markings on trailers here that it offers a very visible identification mark.” A dedicated database is to be set up so Gardaí can positively identify stolen farm equipment.

“These identification marks will be another weapon in our armoury in keeping the community safe, and keeping property safe,” added Mr Nolan.

A crime prevention advice brochure for landowners is available. Tips include installing CCTV and lighting around vulnerable areas, and etching the house and name number onto equipment, vehicles and machinery. Contact your local Garda Station for more details.