‘Disgraceful’ Christmas lights - Templemore

Cllr Valerie Young said she was very disappointed with this year’s Christmas street lights.

Cllr Lily O’Brien said you have to travel as far as Doherty’s corner before you can see them. “It’s abysmal now.”

Cllr Michael Ryan said Templemore didn’t fare well compared to other towns he had visited.

Mayor Martin Fogarty said he had to compliment the people who made an individual effort to decorate their houses. However, the lights were so dim you might need a flashlight if they were turned off. “It’s big disappointment from that point of view.”

Cllr O’Brien added: “Will we have to pay the full costs of the lights in the budget?”

Town Clerk Tom McGrath said he “could not comment.” People had the opportunity to approve funding for the lights but “nobody bothered to ask.” There was a health & safety incident last year involving the ESB, meaning the work should have been put underground, but this was not approved at the time. Meanwhile, Templemore will eventually have to increase its commercial rates to keep in line with the rest of Tipperary following the county merger next year. The current Rateable Valuation Multiplier (RVM) is set at 53.90 - one of the lowest rates in the whole country. Mr McGrath said this will have to rise to the Tipperary-wide rate of 56.77 in the coming years.

The Templemore Historical Review is now in local shops, and is “excellent value,” said Cllr Fogarty. The journal contains about 200 pages of nostalgia, with photographs going back decades. Cost is J10. The Templemore.ie website needs to be kept up to date, added Cllr Ryan. Cllr Mick Connell said critical comments had been made about the website manager, who had been managing it on his own. “It’s now been taken over and seems to be improved.”