Lowry Welcomes Leader Funding

North Tipp Deputy Praises Stellar Work Done

North Tipp Deputy Praises Stellar Work Done

Tipperary LEADER Partnership and the South Tipperary Development Company. The

Independent T.D. for Tipperary stated these funds will assist these organisations in

continuing to carry out their vital work for the benefit of the county as a whole.

Deputy Lowry stated;

“These organisations are carrying out stellar work at present in furthering rural

communities and assisting in creating rural employment opportunities. In my work

in the constituency I have seen first-hand the very real and positive impact they

have had on individuals, groups and communities. The allocation of this funding will

ensure that these groups can continue this important work. Rural communities have

taken hit after hit and quite simply need all the assistance possible.”

“I would like to commend both companies for their continued dedication and hard