Clever Clogs Montessori Open Day

None of the kids in the accompanying photo of Clever Clogs Pre-School Montessori existed when the beautiful facility opened in the Presentation Primary School six years ago. But, many of their siblings did and such has been the growing reputation of one of Thurles’ finest pre-school education units, that the sixth year of kids coming to Clever Clogs are almost ready to graduate.

Yes indeed, it is a happy place to be and a visit to the facility run by Breda Byrne (nee Feehan) and Liz McGrath (nee Keane) immediately fills you with a sense of wonder. The child in us all re-emerges and begs the question - was it really as wonderful as this when we were in school.

Clever Clogs caters for 20 kids each year and the fact that they are based in a school environment means that the transition from pre-school to mainstream education is seamless. The structure of the day, which begins at 9:00am and runs until 12:30, is also a huge help and anyone who has the pleasure of attending Class Number 2 in the Presentation will be struck by the array of montessori equipment on the one hand, and the freedom of pre-school on the other.

Of course a major advantage of being located in the school, is the access to the gardens, nature walks, playgrounds and school hall - a huge plus for pupils, parents and teachers alike.

Clever Clogs have been hiding their light under a bush for six years. However, they have now decided to let it shine. They will host an open day for parents and kids on Saturday 19th May from 11:00am - 1:00pm and are extending an open invitation to all to come along. Graduates from Clever Clogs attend all the schools in the parish and further afield and are well prepared for Junior Infants.

Kids and parents can drop in and see exactly what is on offer at Clever Clogs and with plenty of activities planned, the Open Day will be a fun day as well as being very informative.

There is ample parking for dropping off and collecting kids at the school - another big plus with a safe environment being key to the whole facility.

So come along to the Open Day and check out all that is available. Liz and Breda will be thrilled to see you.