Thurles a victim of rowdy revellers

Windows broken and glass thrown about

Windows broken and glass thrown about

Residents and business people in and around Liberty Square, Thurles awoke on Tuesday morning to find a lot of destruction in the town centre following what appears to have been a student party on Monday night.

Broken glass bottles, rubbish and smashed windows in Westgate were all evidence of a night out while various sections of footpaths were decorated with the remains of a number of stomachs after the excesses caught up with some revellers.

It was not a pretty sight and a number of business owners and staff members were out early with mop and bucket in hand to clean down the doors, windows and walls of their premises after they had been the victim of the night out.

Broken glass was also being picked off the footpath as people made their way to work while repairs to damaged property were also underway - costly repairs at a time when no business can afford to have to cough up just because others can’t cop on.

The incidents left a sour taste and left many counting the cost of such rowdy acts.