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Inch Golden Mile -

Inch Golden Mile -

“Nature never did betray the heart that loved her.” Wordsworth was so inspired by the beauty of nature he devoted much of his poetry to singing its praises. We, in Inch, are privileged to live in an area of wonderful natural beauty. It is predominantly pastureland dissected by gushing rivers and babbling streams. The leisurely roadway known as the “golden mile” carves its way gently through the fields adjacent to the Georgian manor house and restaurant, “Inch House”. As you drift down this unassuming pathway, your worries are almost whisked away by the gentle, soothing breeze. It’s almost as if you’re drifting back in time where nothing really matters except the twittering of a robin or the stoicism of the statue outside the ancient graveyard where the Golden mile meets its end. Well, the good news is that work is already underway to extend the “golden mile” to a distance of around 5.2km. Partly funded by the innovative Tipperary Leadership Programme, some funding must be raised through voluntary donations.

The invitation to donate some cash to this project is open to all who appreciate and enjoy the beauty of nature. If you are reading this article and would like to make a donation come along to the meeting at Inch Community Centre on this Wednesday, 30th January at 8 p.m. Alternatively you may contact Enda Walsh, Inch or Fergal Prout or any committee member. When complete, this road will shine like a jewel in terms of leisure facilities not just in Inch but indeed in the County. I’ve no doubt that it has the potential to attract many tourists. Why not come and enjoy the golden mile and see for yourself the wonderful improvements that are being carried out. You might even drop in for a bowl of soup or something stronger at the local “Ragg Lounge” where a warm welcome awaits!

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