North Tipperary County Council Briefs

Castle Re-enactments

Castle Re-enactments

NENAGH Castle may get its own medieval re-enactors, Cllr Virginia O’Dowd told the July meeting of North Tipperary County Council. The Labour councillor, who congratulated Ballina on its Brian Boru festival, said she saw the re-enactors at the event and was now hopeful that they could get them for Nenagh Castle.

She also congratulated Borrisokane on the launch of its LocalSwitch initiative on July 14 by Duncan Stewart. She was supported by Cllr John Carroll, FF, who described the initiative as a “fantastic achievement”.

Loughmore Co-Op

The organisers behind the new co-op opened in Loughmore were congratulated by Cllr John Hogan at the July meeting of North Tipperary County Council. “Loughmore had lost its shop and its pub and they came together to set up a co-op. It is the first of its kind in Ireland. I hope it is a success,” he said.

Cllr Meaney Engaged

NORTH Tipperary Mayor Michael O’Meara, on behalf of the county council, congratulated Labour’s Cllr Jonathan Meaney on his recent engagement at their July meeting.

Roscrea Courthouse

NORTH Tipperary County Council agreed at its July meeting to lease the vacant Roscrea Courthouse to North Tipperary Leader Partnership. The court closed last year and its hearings moved to Nenagh. Cllr Michael Smith, FF, thanked county manager Joe MacGrath for “acting swiftly to get new tenants for the building”.

Time Change

NORTH Tipperary county councillors agreed at their July meeting to change the timing of the meeting from 2pm to 11am. Mayor Michael O’Meara said it would give the meeting a more defined time and he would be looking to the party whips on certain issues instead of “going around the table”.

He said it would make for a more efficient chamber and councillors would encourage members to do a “bit more preparation”.

Cllr O’Meara accepted Cllr Seamus Morris’s point after the SF councillor said: “I do have a problem. I have to do a day’s work before I come in here. But I have to go with the majority.”

Silvermines Subsidence

ANY reports of land subsidence should be reported directly to North Tipperary County Council, Cllr John Carroll, FF, was told by director of services Karl Cashen at the council’s July meeting.

Cllr Carroll and Cllr John “Rocky” McGrath, Independent, both raised the issue of a cavity that appeared on council-owned land about three weeks ago. The subsidence is being investigated by the Department of Natural Resources.