PPS Number For Grant of Probate



My friend is a US citizen who lives in Chicago, Illinois. Her uncle died in Ireland last month and left her some money in his will. How does she claim her inheritance? Can I get a PPS Number for her?


As she is a beneficiary under an Irish will, your friend will need a Personal Public Service (PPS) Number in order for the Grant of Probate to issue, even though she is not an Irish citizen.

In order to claim an inheritance, a Grant of Probate is needed. Taking out probate means having the Probate Office or the appropriate District Probate Registry certify that the will is valid and that all legal, financial and tax matters are in order so that the executor can distribute the estate.

The Department of Social Protection’s Client Identity Services (CIS) provide a registration service for non-resident applicants who need a PPS Number for a transaction with a specified body, such as the Probate Office.

To get a PPS Number, your friend should contact Client Identity Services in the Department of Social Protection. She can contact Client Identity Services using the secure online request form or by phone at Lo-call: 1890 927 999 (within Ireland) or +353 71 967 2616 (from outside Ireland). The postal address is Client Identity Services, Department of Social Protection, Social Welfare Services, Shannon Lodge, Carrick-on-Shannon, County Leitrim.

She will need to produce the following documents:

Passport or national identity card and

Evidence of her address, such as a household bill (electricity, telephone, gas, etc.) in her name

It is not possible for you to get a PPS Number on her behalf. She has to apply for it herself.

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