A Year In the Life Of Clonmore Youth Club

By: Noel Doyle P.R.O

By: Noel Doyle P.R.O

Clonmore Youth Club was reborn on the 16th October 2009, when there was a large response to the advert to set up a Youth Club! Clonmore Youth Club, work under the auspices of Tipperary Regional Youth Services (TRYS).

With the support of the TRYS rural outreach worker, Maura Carey, the committee embarked on the necessary training in order to open the youth club. Clonmore Youth Club is founded on the concept of mutual Respect. It is non-denominational and as such recognises and cherishes the uniqueness of each person irrespective of circumstances. We provide a fun, friendly and safe environment for young people to learn and grow and become future leaders.

Clonmore Youth Club was formed on June 27th June 2010. Clonmore Youth Club are very lucky to have the hall facilities for our club nights and many events. A taste of some of the events held to date include: Quiz Nights, Discos, youth games pool competitions, cards and picture competitions.

We have hosted the European youth table quiz and we had a devils bit senior walk barbeque fundraiser for the Alton tower trip which was a mostly enjoyed by all senior members. We had a junior trip to UL activity centre, which the children loved. We recently held a Halloween youth club disco and we have one coming up soon for our closure for Christmas. The children love the music and enjoy the discos. We have 95 members of our club. We hold the youth club on a Thursday and Friday night weekly and the attendance is great. The children have designed their own Christmas cards and we have got the local drama group to select the best of the Christmas pictures that children designed for our Christmas youth club cards. They make different items for the Arts and Crafts every week. Our members have entered the TRYS variety show and won 4 out of the 6 categories.

We entered the St. Patricks day parade and came joint first with our theme of “Darby Gill and little people”. The children of the youth club had a competition to design a club logo.

It is great to see children use their own creativity and ideas and put them on paper and now have a club logo designed for the children of the future. We had our first birthday recently. You can see in the photo that is was a great day and event in the history of our youth club. Clonmore Is Reborn !!!!!!!!