Thurles Town Council - News In Brief

Lidl Roundabout

Lidl Roundabout

Cllr John Kennedy said there had been another accident at the Lidl roundabout, at this month’s meeting of the Town Council, and asked for safety measures to be put in place. “Signage is badly needed.” Also, premises number 36 - 41 in College Green need to be cleaned up.

The Council is working with some residents in the area regarding the state of the area, as there are “horses and other activities” going on. Bollards on Butler Avenue need to be replaced.

Meanwhile, there are problems with a footpath on Bohernanave which has sagged down, and the corner near AIB needs to be repaired. “The road markings around town are in dire straits,” added Cllr Kennedy.

Dunnes Stores Entrance

Cllr John Kenehan drew attention to the Dunnes Stores entrance. “Cars driving there are skidding.”

Also, Mitchel Street’s footpaths need to be replaced. Engineers should also examine the entrance to the Moyne Road, and the pedestrian crossing at the Cathedral.

Cllr Kenehan pointed to the rubbish on the Mill Road, and signage for Oakfield Park.

Drish Bridge

Cllr David Doran said Drish Bridge was a “matter of urgency. Residents say it’s quite dangerous.”

Also, drivers were not observing the yellow lines on Parnell Street.

Cllr Doran called attention to the continuing state of maternity services at South Tipperary General Hospital.

Munster Hotel

Cllr Noel O’Dwyer said he was very concerned regarding the “danger posed by the four to five foot deep pool of stagnant water at the bottom of the ramp to the basement of the derelict Munster Hotel.

“I raised this at last month’s meeting but it has not been pumped out.

“This is a tragedy waiting to happen and needs to be rectified without further delay. It is also difficult to justify this Council continuing to rent the under-used carpark from the hotel owners where this danger to the public is so evident and not being rectified.

“The hotel itself is in a disgraceful condition and every effort should be made to have it demolished. How was it given planning permission the first day is a mystery to me!”

Cllr O’Dwyer also asked to have a black and yellow strip put on the wall on the Mill Road to make it visible to motorists.

“I would further suggest that road marking in the form of a white line be put down on the approach to the protrusion.

“I am disappointed that my colleagues on the Council did not support my original request for this very minor work, particularly those who would be very familiar with the area in question.

“The excuse of an attempt to highlight the bulging wall by placing four white reflectors on it is grossly inadequate and the fact that the Area Engineer has stated he is happy with it is a major worry to not only me, but to many members of the public as well.”

Cllr O’Dwyer called for signage throughout the town to be fixed permanently in position with “pop rivets.”

“The most recent justification for my request would be the sign at the top of Slievenamon Road being turned around to indicate that Thurles Shopping Centre is now located somewhere at the rear of the Arch Bar.”

Cllr O’Dwyer further requested: “Has it been possible to find out the name and address of the person in the ESB or Airtricity with whom the Area Engineer was in contact regarding my request to have the steel pole in the centre of the footpath on Kickham Street either relocated or the wires put underground.”

“On many occasions, Cllr Doran raised the need for traffic calming on the Bohernamona Road as you come up the hill by the park.

“The placing of the figure 30 on the road back near Michael O’Meara’s is not sufficient and I would suggest the placing of the word ‘slow’ in big red lettering together with rubble strips on the road in two locations, one at the bottom of the hill and the other 20 or 30 yards from the junction would help.”

Furthermore, “the bricks on the footpath at Cuchullain Road need to be put back in place as it is highly dangerous to students walking there.

“When will the plans for the work on the junction, which I believe will cost in the region of J100,000 be available for inspection by the Council?

“When will the farcical situation with Archerstown Bridge be addressed?”

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