Soloheadbeg Men Ignited Spirit Of Nation

By John J Hassett

The annual Soloheadbeg ambush commemoration ceremonies take place on Sunday January 22nd 2012, assembly time 2 15 pm at Coffey’s forge on the Tipp to Donohill road.

As always the Moycarkey Borris Sean Treacy Pipers Band will head the parade to the ambush site. Former European Chairman of Leader Funding Mr Jack Roche, also well known promoter of nationwide rural development in this country, will deliver the oration.

The parade will leave Coffey’s Forge at 2 30 pm

Soloheadbeg made national news headlines on January 21st 1919 when a group of young Tipperary men who held dual membership of the Irish Republican Brotherhood and Irish Volunteers, challenged the writ of the British Empire in Ireland, when they seized a consignment of gelignite being conveyed under police guard to a Local Authority Quarry.

When challenged the members of the Royal Irish Constabulary ignored the call and raised their guns, shots rang out and the RIC men were fatally wounded. The War of Independence had begun in County Tipperary two hours before the first Dail Eireann met in the Mansion House, Dublin. The ceremonies and the eloquent speech making of the occasion, in the absence of their knowledge of what had happened at Soloheadbeg, left some of the new TDs present in the Mansion House tongue tied.

As always the Soloheadbeg Commemoration is independent of all political affiliations and proudly salutes and thanks all who have supported it down the years, In the interest of perpetuating the memory of all who served Ireland and had to endure imprisonment, hunger strikes, torture and had to live while serving the cause of their country as outlaws, deserve our immense gratitude and thanks. Patriotism and pride in our country needs cultivation if we are to restore our sovereignty, national, fiscal and economic