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Cashel Town Council


Cllr Martin Browne (SF) called on the Council to look “at making contact with the relevant agencies (eg ESB), Airtricity, to try to resolve the lighting problems in some estates around the town. While I accept that the Council does not have charge of these areas, they do however have Local Authority tenants in these estates and must hold some responsibility towards this ongoing problem.”

Town Clerk Marie McGivern responded: “Following investigation it would appear that there are some lights out at the Castlegreen Estate. However, this estate has not been taken in charge by the Town Council. The Council would encourage the developer or the residents of the estate to make an application for the estate to be taken in charge by the Town Council. Please note that where the residents make an application it requires three quarters of the owner/occupiers to make that application.”

Town Development Plan

Cashel’s new Town Development Plan is now entering its first pre-draft phase, a planning official from South Tipperary County Council, Claire Curley, told members. The six-year plan adopted in 2009 needs to be revised, with the major issues being land zoning, amenities, and the environment. There are three periods of consultation whereby the public can have their say, said Ms Curley. At the pre-draft phase, “any member of the public can have their say” by contacting the Council.

Cllr Joe Moloney said he would like the plan upgraded as it had been of “great benefit” to the town. However, by the time the plan is adopted, the current Council will be gone.

Cllr Maribel Wood asked: “What is the point? Why now, as we will be of no assistance in 2014. We will not have any input. We will have no say.” Cllr Eddie Bennett said the ‘09 plan didn’t focus enough on tourism, and that’s why he didn’t back it. “This is a tourism town. The centre should be made into a centre of excellence for tourism.” Cllr PJ Quinlan said “all of Tipp” should be behind Cashel as the “flagship” tourism town of South Tipperary. Cllr Eoghan Lawrence said it was difficult for the Councillors to look at the draft plan as a two-year project. “We’re starting a raft of projects that we will not be there for. It’s sad for the town.” The last plan was contentious and “rightfully so” as it’s so important for the public. Ms Curley said the same plan now being drafted will “feed into” the plan adopted post 2014. “It will contain elements of the new plan.”

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