The Reserve Defence Forces are looking for you!

Did you ever wonder what a soldier’s life would be like?

Did you ever wonder what a soldier’s life would be like?

Are you looking for a new challenging and diverse way to spend your weekends?

Does learning new skills, keeping fit, meeting new people and enjoying a different side to life sound up your street?

If you answered yes to these questions well...

Your local Reserve Defence Force unit is looking for you!!! Come in and have a look!!

Recruitment is currently open to sign up new members to the organisation in the Tipperary county area. D Company of the 3rd Infantry Battalion is located in the Garda College in Templemore and is open for business and would like to invite perspective members to call into their training nights on Tuesday nights between 8pm and 10pm and experience some of the activities that the women and men of the unit get up to.

The unit works closely with the Permanent Defence Force unit based in Stephens Barracks, Kilkenny taking part in exercises, training courses and upskilling as part of basic and ongoing training. The training is very much the heart of the organisation. On entry a private soldier will be introduced to a course of instruction on all the skills and information needed for your career in the reserve Defence Forces.

These include Arms/Foot Drill, Weapons Training, Tactical Training and Fitness Training. Once this basic training is complete the whole world of the Defence Forces opens up to you. You can take part in the very challenging but extremely rewarding combined exercises, shooting competitions, further training courses and of course the much looked forward to Annual Training Camp in different nationwide locations. In the coming years the RDF will take part in the 100th anniversary of the 1916 rising through commemorative parades which is a very proud part of our history as well as a very proud event to be involved in.

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