Anglo tapes justify case for new enquiry

The Irish Independent’s Anglo tapes are ‘proof positive’ that a full

The Irish Independent’s Anglo tapes are ‘proof positive’ that a full

banking inquiry is needed. Local TD and Minister, Alan Kelly, believes

a “short and sharp” inquiry is necessary for the people of Ireland.

“We urgently need an inquiry to shine a light on the circumstances

around the collapse of the bank and the introduction of the bank

guarantee in September 2008,” said Alan Kelly.

The information that has come into the public domain today and

yesterday may be just the tip of the iceberg, and any other

information from that period, whether it exists in hard copy or stored

electronically, should be made available in full to such an inquiry,”

“The Irish people deserve a full and thorough explanation as to the

circumstances that led to the bank guarantee being put in place, given

the fact that they have been paying for it hand over fist, ever since.

“Any such inquiry should be very specific in its terms of reference,

should operate within a very specific time period and should not be

left open-ended. We need a sharp-short process.

“If another referendum is necessary in order to give such an inquiry

teeth, then we should not rule that option out. The public may feel

differently about the matter now.

“I remember being the Labour party’s finance spokesperson that night

in the Seanad. It is with deep regret that more parties did not follow

Labour’s example that night and vote down the bank guarantee. We are

still paying the bill for the arrogance and greed shown by Anglo,”

concluded Alan Kelly.