Mo Chara Animal Rescue: The importance of your donations





Mo Chara Animal Rescue: The importance of your donations

Denise Ryan

We are always seeking donations of goods for re-sale in our charity shops in Thurles and Cashel and we have decided to show you a glimpse of just how important your donations are to us. We asked Denise Ryan of Holycross, one of our founding committee members, to tell you…

“As a committee member of Mo Chara Animal Rescue I am continually (and cheerfully) divesting my friends of their unwanted bric & brac. I wanted to show my friend, Trisha (who has given us so much over the years) and her daughter, Grainne (who had recently donated her old bike to the cause) just how the proceeds from their donations are spent and so we jumped in the car to visit the kennels. The whole drive out, Trisha was chanting the mantra “We mustn’t bring another dog home or Daddy will kill us!”

When we pulled up, we were greeted by a host of barking dogs; most of them happily jumping up and down in their enclosures, tails wagging, delighted to see visitors but some hanging back, nervous and unsure. As Catherine, our kennel manager, told us their tales, the sadder stories broke my heart and reinforced my belief that man can be the worst animal of all - how can anybody inflict such physical and emotional damage on a defenceless dog? I was glad to hear of the progress many of the dogs were making on their journeys to recovery. Even though the day wasn’t particularly cold, all of the dogs were wearing outdoor jackets and there was a scattering of dog toys in each run which were kindly donated to us by members of the public.

I was so proud to be able to show Trisha and Grainne how wisely the money was being spent. I showed them the special Isolation units to accommodate sick dogs away from the everyday mayhem while they rest and heal and then we toured the main outdoor block, which has 12 spacious runs. Beautiful dogs occupied each run, not a space to spare. The indoor kennel block, though still under construction, was kitted out with cozy runs for night-time and furnished with duvets and heat-lamps, Catherine listed all of the work left to do to complete the indoor block and again I was so proud to show the girls just how much thought had been put into the dogs’ comfort and safety.

Catherine also explained that it is an uphill battle to keep the daytime kennels in good repair as sometimes the dogs chew them if they are bored or if it is a hot day they will lie on the roof to sunbathe (roofs that are designed to hold off rain, not the weight of a Labrador!). We have begun changing the wooden kennels for insulated metal kennels which are warm, dry spacious – and most importantly, indestructible! Down the line will pay for themselves, but for now we must raise considerable funds to complete the swap over as a medium kennel is €300 and a large one is €350!

Trisha, Grainne and I then gave a hand to clean out the kennels, changing the bedding and (the glamorous part) cleaning up the poos – it was a revelation to just how much work it takes to keep the kennels clean each day! We then brought two lots of dogs out for long walks – it was so lovely to see them enjoying the change in scenery! Tired and pleased, we went home - luckily for Trisha and Grainnne, without any extra dog so it was safe for them to return home!

It takes a huge, combined effort to look after as many abandoned animals as we do at Mo Chara and each of you are integral to that. Whether you give your time or donations, we couldn’t do it alone and we are so grateful for your support.
As Father Joe says “Please God, let nothing happen that You and I cannot handle for only He knows what tomorrow will bring.”

For more information about Mo Chara Animal Rescue, please call 087-2577182 (for cat adoptions and general queries) or 087-6576022 (for dog adoptions), email or find us on Facebook (

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