Referendum win is hailed by Tipp group as 'historic'





Referendum win is hailed by Tipp group as 'historic'

Referendum win is hailed by Tipp group as 'historic' Photo: Eamonn McGee

The passing of the referendum to remove the Eight Amendment from the Constitution has been hailed an ”historic day” by the Tipperary Together for Yes campaign.

“We’re relieved by the result, and so grateful to the people of Tipperary for showing such support for all pregnant people in Ireland. It feels like our community has wrapped its arms around all those who have ever needed or will ever need access to abortion" said Tipperary Together for Yes spokesperson Emma Burns.

She said that had hoped for a positive result, but did not anticipate that Tipperary would come out in such numbers to vote Yes.

“We couldn’t have asked for a more definitive mandate for access to abortion care at home in Ireland. The results show that the people of Tipperary accept that the current situation of exporting abortion care is hypocritical and unfair, and that we are ready for change,” said Ms Burns. She said that the grassroots community-led organising at the heart of the campaign had been a huge part of including all groups and communities.

Ordinary people from across Tipperary came together to volunteer their time and skills in what was very much a cross-generational, whole community effort. Conversations and friends as well as on the doors went a long way to shining light on the need for abortion access, she said.

“We acknowledge, too, the work of local political groups who shared their experience and skills with us, especially TDs Seamus Healy and Alan Kelly; Ciara McCormack of Sinn Fein, Cllrs Pat English and Fiona Bonfield; Mary Newman and Lynda Darcy of Fine Gael; Catherine Power and David Ahern of the Green Party, and Anne Wall of PBP,” said Ms Burns

She said that they recognised that there was little personal political gain to be had for involvement in referendums and appreciate them for standing with them. Abortion is a very personal matter; we thank them for giving it public and political support.

“The people of Ireland voted, knowing what the legislation entailed. We will continue to work to ensure that for everyone in Ireland who needs abortion care. Sometimes a personal and private matter needs public support - and that public support has been astounding,” said Ms Burns.

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