Morris attacks Kelly over promises on Nenagh Hospital


Sinn Fein general election candidate Cllr Seamus Morris has attacked Minister Alan Kelly over promises he made in relation to Nenagh Hospital ahead of the 2011 election.

Cllr Morris said that Minister Kelly had promised to restore 24-hour A&E services to Nenagh if elected last time out.

““Each candidate in 2011 made a promise – in writing – to save 24-hour emergency and intensive care services at Nenagh Hospital. Among those who signed was Alan Kelly. This is particularly galling, as Kelly led a march of 5,000 people around Nenagh to protest against threats to services there. Yet, as soon as he was elected he made a massive U-turn. Both of those services were abandoned as soon as they were no longer convenient,” said Cllr Morris.

He said that Minister Kelly has made much of being at the top-table, but warned that was of no use if he didn't do what he said he'd do when he gets there.