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Survey aims to bring forward statistics on mobile phone use while driving

Core Claims Services investigating use of mobile phone

Noel Dundon


Noel Dundon


Mobile Phone

Survey on mobile phone usage while driving

A local company is seeking to come with an accurate picture of mobile phone use while driving with a confidential  nationwide survey which takes approximately 90 seconds to complete.

The use of mobile phones while driving is a frequent sight on Tipperary roads, with drivers regularly texting, emailing and checking social media while driving.  Core Claims Services is conducting a nationwide survey of mobile phone use while driving.  The survey is completely anonymous and takes approximately 90 seconds to complete.  The purpose of the survey is to examine mobile phone habits while driving and to raise awareness of the dangers and penalties involved.

The survey is scheduled to finish on 28th February 2017, after which time analysis of the data will be made available. Motorists in Tipperary are being encouraged to fill in the survey in order to give an accurate picture for The Premier County.

You can take the survey by visiting their website

Core Claims Services offers motor and general liability investigation services to insurance companies and self-insureds.  When liability is disputed by the parties involved in a road traffic accident, insurers will often appoint accident investigators.  The investigator’s role is to interview policyholders and witnesses, photograph and document the accident scene (amongst other things) and report back to the insurer with this information.  This gives the claims department a fuller understanding of the accident circumstances and possible areas for further investigation.