Poetry Corner: A Poem for Borris-Ileigh ahead of Sunday's County Final

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St Cualans, Borrisoleigh

St Cualan, Borrisoleigh's fourth class group - authors of 31 years.

31 Years - a poem written by the 4th class group in St Cualans, Borrisoleigh

31 Years

By Sharon Madden and Fourth Class, Scoil Naomh Cualán, Borrisoleigh.

On the 8th of October, at dawn we will rise,
Nerves in our gut, a glint in our eyes.
To Semple Stadium we will go, and cheer on our team,
With flags, banners and headbands, as we fight for Dan Breen.

Could this be the year? Can we bridge the gap?
Will we beat the Sars? And put Borris back on the county map?
Our men are ready, for 60 minutes they will work,
From number 15, Kieran Maher, all the way back to Jack Bourke.

1986 seems so long ago, since Borris had their day,
Philip Kenny, Mick Cowan and Timmy Ryan, some of the legends who led the way.
1986, 31 years have passed, now their sons are on the team,
In maroon and white jerseys, trying to fulfil this Borris dream.

Brendan Maher, have we ever seen better?
The way he reads the game, and fights for that sliotar.
He is a hero in Borris, for the young and the old,
We had so much joy, when he led the Blue and Gold.

Or what about our Captain, Paddy, he is the king at Full Back,
With Fahy and Sodge by his side, skill is something our backs don’t lack!
The McCormack brothers, have been causing havoc all year,
Dan’s goal in the semi-final, gave us a real reason to cheer.

Seamus Bourke will be hoping, to take control in the centre,
He’ll have Ciaran to support, as well as the man they call Drifter.
Our forwards, in every match, they give it welly,
Niall, Conor and Jack Hogan, and the youngest of the lot, Jerry Kelly.

Points they can score, from all over the grass,
Best of luck to our warriors, from all in 4th class!