Holycross Village: Great strides being made in resurfacing works

Noel Dundon


Noel Dundon



Holycross resurfacing

Work on progress in Holycross village

Work by contractors Kelly's of Fantane is continuing as Holycross village gets a resurfacing makeover prior to the recommencement of school.

Traffic disruptions continue in Holycross village today as resurfacing works are underway by contractors Kelly's of Fantane on behalf of Tipperary County Council.

The much needed works are being progressed swiftly in order to have them fully completed ahead of St Michael's National School returning to duty on Wednesday morning next. And, with the annual Solemn Novena commencing on September 8th, authorities wanted to ensure that the unraveling surface was up-graded and capable of hosting the large numbers which will be attending.

The road has already been planed and resurfacing has commenced in sections. The entire project will see the road from the top of The Green down as far as the River Suir bridge resurfaced with a number of drainage points also tended to.

Road users have been inconvenienced for a few days while the work is underway with local access only, advised for the duration of the work.

There was much mayhem in the village yesterday evening with the road, more or less, closed and an accident had taken place on the road between Tubberadora and Bohernacrusha, which was being used as an alternative route for many motorists. The accident, which took place around tea time, was cleared after Gardai attended the scene - thankfully there were no serious injuries.