Tipperary businesses want Govt action on broadband - Cahill


Tipperary businesses want Govt action on broadband - Cahill

Tipperary Fianna Fáil TD, Jackie Cahill has said that the businesses and homeowners in the country are well aware of the poor broadband services, and the Switcher survey announced this week only re-emphasised the need for the Government, and in particular, Minister Naughten, to review how they are rolling out the National Broadband Plan.

“It’s simply not acceptable that homeowners and business owners in Tipperary are being forced to work with speeds averaging 17mbps."

“Let’s be quite clear – businesses in Tipperary are competing, not only with their neighbours in Limerick, but with companies in Dublin, where the average speed was recorded at 45mbps.”

“The speeds being made available to communities in Tipperary are 43% less than the commitments made by the current Government that everywhere in the country will be able to access broadband at 30mbps at a minimum,” said Cahill.

“The Government has a long way to go to ensure that rural communities can access decent, high-speed broadband services.”

“We know that Minister Naughten’s plan is already a number of years behind schedule, and will not be completed until mid-2023.”

“The most concerning element of this sorry story is the fact that what the Minister is committing to deliver is completely insufficient in the long term, and will still leave Tipperary businesses at a disadvantage.”

“The European Commission believes that all communities should be able to access 100Mbps broadband at a bare minimum – almost three times higher than the current Irish minimum.”

“This is what we should be aiming towards, and not a sub-par standard that is already out of date.”

“The Minister needs to outline what measures he will take to speed up the roll out of the National Plan, and whether he will commit to increasing the standards as set by the European Commission,” concluded Cahill.