Fairy Ash arrived from the depths of the wood

A night of pure magic in Templemore

Halloween Fairy Trail Walk

Anne O'Grady


Anne O'Grady

A night of pure magic in Templemore

On Saturday night last two thousand plus people from far and near arrived at Templemore Town Park for the Halloween Fairy Trail Walk, and a night of Magic

Families began arriving way before the 7.30 start of the walk which took less than an hour through the park. Fairy Ash arrived from the depths of the wood to begin the walk and invited everyone to follow her to meet her friends.

Nearly all of the children were suitably dressed up for the occasion, and following the butterfly icons we made our way slowly through the exquisite surrounds of our beautiful park. Children were amazed as they ran around picking out the fairy houses which all had lights turned on to indicate the fairies were at home. They examined the houses in great detail and marvelled at the way both the fairies and butterflies have settled back in to their old surrounds.

As people made their way around the trail, the enchanting sound of the harp could be heard in the distance – huge thanks to Muireann who did a wonderful job.

It was said at the end of the walk that it was a night to treasure and what made it really worthwhile was to see so many happy people who actually came and thanked the various stewards for a wonderful, incredible and brilliant family occasion.

All credit for the Halloween Fairy Trail Walk has to be given to the amazing Fairy Ash who has worked night and day for the past number of weeks to restore the Fairy Trail to what it is today. What she has done is truly wonderful.

Fairy Ash was assisted and had the goodwill of Templemore Lions Club, Templemore Development Group and Tipperary Co Co, and there is no doubt that this support will continue into the future.

She now hopes families will continue to come to Templemore to enjoy what she has got tremendous pleasure working on, and will continue to see that the fairies remain content and safe in their surrounds.