Mass on the Devil's Bit


Mass on the Devil's Bit

Around 120 people attended the annual Mass on the Devil’s Bit on Sunday 24th July. There were many families who kept up the tradition of bringing along their children, grand-children and grand-parents.

One man from Co. Kildare returned to the mountain he first visited as a boy 55 years ago with his mother. The threat of rain as Mass was about to start was a worry, however, the shower faded away into the adjacent countryside and allowed the occasion to take place in pleasant sunshine.

Fr. Joe Walsh from Templemore Parish who was making his first visit to the mountain officiated at the mass. He was assisted by Templemore colleague Fr. Dominick Meehan.

In his homily Fr. Joe quoting the many times that Jesus went up the mountain to minister and to pray, encouraged us to include prayer and talk to Jesus as part of our daily lives. At the end of mass he concluded by reciting a poem (‘From Jesus’) that was thought provoking and appropriate for the occasion.

From Jesus…

“I watched you as you slept last night, with Angels around your bed, I watched you when the morning came I lifted up your head.

You didn’t say good morning Lord, a tear came to my eye. I watched you as you went to work, you never saw my sky.

I stretched my hand across the clouds, and let the sun shine through, but you didn’t seem to notice as you stood there in the queue. I watched you as you worked all day, I heard you call my name, but I realised you’d lost something and just called my name in vain.

I sent a shower of cooling rain, a rainbow graced the sky, but you were too busy rushing home, to open up your eyes.

I watched you as you watched T.V, I watched you going to bed, I shone my moon into your room, it’s light caressed your head.

All day I waited for your smile, to hear what you would say, but you never took the time you need to be alone and pray”.

Templemore Legion of Mary who organises this event thanked Coillte for permission to use the site, Templemore Parish Clergy and the many volunteers who helped to organise the day, making it a memorable experience for all present.