Thurles–born ER Doctor’s fascinating new book and the reunion of his class of 1963

As the Thurles CBS Leaving Cert classes(A and B) of 1963 prepare to mark the Golden Jubilee of that eventful year in 2013, one very popular student of that class was home recently in his native Thurles on a visit to relatives, former neighbours and friends in Tipperary.

As the Thurles CBS Leaving Cert classes(A and B) of 1963 prepare to mark the Golden Jubilee of that eventful year in 2013, one very popular student of that class was home recently in his native Thurles on a visit to relatives, former neighbours and friends in Tipperary.

He is author and Medical Doctor, Dr John Mary Meagher, 120 Branch Street Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada, and formerly of the Mall, Thurles. He is first cousin of former Colaiste Mhuire Co–Ed teacher, Mr Martin Meagher of Ardnacroise, Thurles.

Dr. Meagher, a graduate of University College, Dublin, is author of a highly evocative novel about his Tipperary childhood, ”Bluebell in a Quarry”, and also a book of poems and essays.  His latest tome, a deeply engaging and very challenging and extremely valuable work, is entitled “Medicine, Mistakes and the Reptilian Brain” It marks a departure from his previous themes and could yet prove to be one of the, most important and original such works in the genre.

Dr. Meagher is son of the late James Meagher and Kitty(nee Connolly) Meagher, formerly of Littleton. John, on vacation in Tipp, visited his first cousin, Martin Meagher, and Martin’s wife, Eileen, in Ardnacroise, Thurles,  and met some of his fellow students of that Leaving Cert Class of 1963, including Tom Ryan, formerly of 11 Fianna Road, and now living in Rahealty.

Dr Meagher and his wife, Bernadette, have five children: Cashel, Cormac, Conor, Ruairi and Roisin and also four grandchildren. John Mary Meagher graduated in medicine from the National University of Ireland, Dublin. He has worked for forty years as a Family Physician and Emergency Room(ER) Physician. The Theorem of Attribution, The New Mind Response™ and “Medicine, Mistakes and the Reptilian Brain” is the product of eleven years’ research.  His thesis-novel called “A Bluebell in a Quarry” and poems and essays have been previously published. Dr Meagher lives with his wife, Bernadette, in Moncton, Canada. His children live in various parts of the world, from Peru to Montreal.

The author welcomes readers to share suggestions, experiences and critiques related to the book’s topic at the following domain: Dr. Meagher can be reached for seminars and speaking engagements at the same domain.

Apparently, Approximately 80% of aviation mishaps and errors are due to human factors. Dr Meagher states:” The same is true for medical errors. These human factors are expressions of our reptilian brain, whose agenda is self-interest. (We can divide the human brain into two control centres, the old (reptilian) and the new. The reptilian brain screens and reacts to signs of threat, food, mating possibilities and fatigue. The new brain, on the other hand, discerns, ponders, postpones, tests and responds to problems. We can toggle unknowingly from the new centre to the old one). The physician’s new brain is the repository of the patient’s well-being. If we can mitigate the reptilian brain’s influences and enhance the new brain’s influences, we will make fewer mistakes. This dual activity I call the New Mind Response™.

Dr Meagher says; “It is as easy to recognize reptilian brain expressions in others as it is difficult to spot them in ourselves. Robbie Burns recognised this difficulty, when he saw lice on a lady’s hat: “O would some Power the gift give us, To see ourselves as others see us! It would from many a blunder free us,” “And to free us from many a blunder is the sole aim and hope of this book”, Dr Meagher states. Dr Meagher has set this book in the hospital. He adds: ”But this should not discourage the non-medical reader from reading and benefiting from this analysis, because the same obstruction to good work, namely, the reptilian brain, presides in other disciplines, for example, law, law-enforcement, aviation, engineering, education, religion, journalism, investing, politics and fire-fighting; and it also struts between partners and between parents and children; in short, in all our endeavors.  

For the non-medical reader, I have added explanations in the references and notes section”, he stated. Dr Meagher relates a story with a message for us all, in whatever field of life we labour,   “I awoke one night replaying an incident from my youth. “Seamus and John, check the fire in the field,” our father had ordered my brother and me. I was ten then. I ran to the ditch that bordered the field, saw no smoke from the bundle of sticks in the field and ran back to my father. “The fire is dead.” I declared. Seamus, on the other hand, went around through the gate to the fire and kicked it to make sure that it was quenched. It was still smouldering. My father chastised me, “that fire could have burned the house down. If you are going to do a job, do it with your whole being, John. You’ll have to do better, otherwise you’ll end up a slacker.” Dr

John Mary Meagher has accomplished much for medicine and humanity with this honest and so very worthwhile book which is surely destined for major universal success both within and without the Medical world.

Thurles CBS Leaving Cert 1963 Class Reunion

Dr, Meagher who was out in Rahealty on a visit, with his cousin, Martin, was delighted to hear about the 2013 reunion of his Leaving Cert Class of 1963, the year of the visit of the late US President, John Fitzgerald Kennedy, to Ireland and also the year of Kennedy’s death in Dallas.  TJ Semple, brother of classmate, Conor Semple, won an All-Ireland Intermediate hurling medal that year. Our Intermediates triumphed again recently. Rev Brother J.V. Hutton was the School Principal and some members of this class had been in the first?  School Unit of the FCA (Now Reserve Defence Force) There were many fine hurlers in both classses, including Dr Harty Cup and Dean Ryan Cup players who later starred with clubs like Sarsfields and Moycarkey/Borris. They included the late Leonard Commins of Littleton, Michael Dundon and, Patrick Carley, Thurles Sarsfields. But more anon on this and other matters related to the Leaving Cert Class of 1963.

At a recent meeting in Bowes’ hostelry to discuss arrangements for the reunion, it was decided to look up the names of the Leaving Cert Class students(A and B) and to try to make contact with all those surviving.  It is envisaged the reunion will be held at a venue to be decided upon in, probably, late Summer or early Autumn in 2013. Details as soon as they become available.

The attendance at the inaugural meeting to organise the Golden Jubilee Reunion included V Rev Father Patrick Carley, now ministering in Salt Lake City, USA, who is a former Thurles Sarsfields hurler and Thurles soccer player and a top ceili dancer, former Thurles CBS Dr Harty Cup goalkeeper, Michael Dundon, who is former Tipperary Star Editor and author of “Mickey (The Rattler”) Byrne’s bestselling biography, Patrick O’ Gorman, formerly Abbey Road, Thurles, Michael Kennedy, Bohernamona; Tom Ryan, Rahealty and formerly of 11 Fianna Road, Thurles, Andy Moloney, Graigue. Dr O’ Shea has undertaken the task of locating the names of the 1963 students from CBS school records and we hope to publish them anon. A determined effort will be made to locate present addresses of all surviving former students and it is hoped to have a pleasant reunion, to exchange school memories of all kinds, study old photographs and perhaps, to enjoy a light meal. Further details will be announced as they become available. Sadly, a number of the boys of the Classes of 1963 have died and they are remembered with affection by their former classmates. Also recalled at the inaugural meeting were the teachers and Christian Brothers who played a major role in shaping the lives of their students. And some are, happily, still with us. Many of the students of 1963 are still living in Thurles area. They include, Joe Fewer, Clongour, Thurles, Paddy O’ Gorman, Tom Ryan, Michael Dundon, Noel Spittle, Curraheen, Horse and Jockey, Joseph Doran, Cormackstown, Michael Kennedy, Bohernamona , Andy Moloney,Graigue. Jim O’Shea, The Furze, Gerry Hogan, Liberty Square, Thurles.