Hidden Tipperary’s Farney Castle Meet

A meeting of the Hidden Tipperary Tourism group was held recently at Farney Castle,Holycross.

A meeting of the Hidden Tipperary Tourism group was held recently at Farney Castle,Holycross.

Mr Cyril and Mrs Margie Cullen both took the group on a tour of Farney Castle, before the meeting commenced. (A visit to this venue is Highly Recommended.)

The group agreed that a brochure should be printed, in addition to the web-based promotion currently being undertaken to promote tourism. All agreed to provide the Hidden Tipperary website administration with information, both for use on the website itself and for the preparation of a new brochure. It was agreed to only include information that is relatively permanent and to keep information of a more temporary character for website use, where it can be more easily updated.

Members spoke of encouraging the use of local media and in particular highlighted the recent coverage by the “Tipperary Star Newspaper” which had come on board since the beginning, providing coverage of recent meetings. The use of radio and its willingness to air programmes about the group was also discussed. There was general agreement that the latter should be further pursued once the contents of a brochure had been prepared.

The Chairperson then asked if anyone had further information relating to bus tour operators. It was pointed out that Farney Castle had recently been added to the Marathon Tours brochure. However other tour organisers saw Thurles as a problematic place to visit, because of traffic difficulties and parking.

Chairperson Tom Noone encouraged the group to continue to promote Thurles as a central location, both within Tipperary and in Ireland, particularly as North and South Tipperary are soon to be united, while strongly highlighting past and recent personal observances.

It was pointed out that there were no Hotel or B&B representatives as yet among the group, and attendees were encouraged to talk to the Hotel, Restaurant and B&B sectors locally and encourage them to send contact details and other relevant information.