Collins Urges Tipp People to get vaccinated

staff reporter


staff reporter

New research indicates only 6% of Irish population vaccinated against potentially fatal pneumo bug1

New research indicates only 6% of Irish population vaccinated against potentially fatal pneumo bug1

17,804 people over 65 in Tipperary are at risk2

Five patient organisations join the call for at risk groups to get vaccinated

RTE radio presenter Ronan Collins is best known for playing the golden oldies on his radio show but today he took time out to encourage those at risk, including those over 65, to get vaccinated from pneumococcal disease.

Research conducted by Millward Browne, on behalf of Sanofi Pasteur MSD, to coincide with the ‘Seven Reasons You Should Know Pneumo’ health promotion campaign shows that only 46% of Irish people have heard of pneumococcal disease and 89% indicated they have never been vaccinated1 even though a vaccine is readily available from GPs. Furthermore only 16% of over 65’s indicated that they received the vaccination3 which suggests that 17,804 people over 65 in Tipperary2 could be at risk of contracting pneumonia, meningitis or septicaemia2.

The broadcaster helped launch Sanofi Pasteur MSD’s campaign today, joining representatives from five different patient organisations. They all squeezed into a vintage car to “drive” home the important message of vaccination.

This year the existing coalition of Sanofi Pasteur MSD, Diabetes Ireland, Asthma Society of Ireland, Age Action and the Irish Patients’ Association has been bolstered by the addition of Meningitis Research Foundation.

Ronan Collins said, “I’m very proud to support this campaign for a second year. We need to get the word out that pneumococcal is a serious condition that can be avoided by getting a vaccine from a GP. The fact that five different groups are involved in this campaign really highlights the fact that pneumococcal disease affects such a large part of our society.

“Only a third of people1 have actually heard of the pneumococcal vaccine so I’m hoping that this campaign will drive the message home and raise awareness amongst the Irish public. If you are at risk, or you know some who is, then a vaccination should be your top priority.”