IBR Talk in Holycross Centre Tonight

Tops Vets to attend

Tops Vets to attend

IBR continues to be a highly destructive problem onfarms throughout Tipperary and Ireland.

Quite recently, new developments were discovered in relation to control and eradication of IBR which promise to be of interest to those involved in prevention ,detection and eradication of the disease which causes much distress to animals and the farmer alike.

These recently released new developments will be discussed at a meeting arranged for The John Doyle Conference centre, Holycross tonight Wednesday 28th of August @7.30pm. The meeting will be hosted by Riona Sayers Veterinery Surgeon and Rennie Gresham- both high respected speakers nationally and internationally on IBR disease. They are much sought after in their chosen field and will be offering their expert views on how to deal with IBR on the farm.

Also on the agenda for the night, is a discussion on Seromilk, the new highly anticipated surveillance tool for IBR which promises to largely eradicate false negatives detected through current IBR diagnostic tests. Seromilk will provide Irish dairy farmers with very accurate information about the IBR status of their herd and becomes available through all veterinary practices from the 1st of September. Seromilk will offer increased diagnostic accuracy and will become an essential diagnostic device for detecting or monitoring IBR in the dairy herd.

So get along to the John Doyle Centre in Holycross tonight.