HSE Assurances over Dean
Maxwell Home

By Eoin Kelleher

By Eoin Kelleher

“In the first instance there has been a pressure on the ability to provide beds due to staffing numbers and the overall economic circumstances of the health service. That has meant a reduction in available bed numbers from 27 in September 2011 to currently 23 and reducing to 20. It is important to stress that the HSE position is;

“This unit is not listed for closure nor is any unit in North Tipperary.

The palliative care capacity of the Unit at 2 beds is not nor never has been in question and the HSE is absolutely committed to maintaining this.

“The minimum number of beds to be provided at this facility is 20 and there is no intention to allow the service to reduce below this amount and with a desirable target to return to a provision of between 20 and 25 beds as circumstances allow,” added the spokesperon.

“The HSE is intending to further secure the provision of beds within North Tipperary by managing the three current services as a single service spread over three sites. It is the view of the HSE that this approach which is being actively developed will allow for greater efficiency in the use of resources in North Tipperary and may well create the space for the restoration of some bed capacity lost in recent months.”

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