Is Nenagh losing out on funding as it battles with other towns and villages under new MDC?

Nenagh Municipal District Council proposes to spend E7,361,169 on municipal district works, including roads and housing, in 2015.

Nenagh Municipal District Council proposes to spend E7,361,169 on municipal district works, including roads and housing, in 2015.

The allocation was passed without public discussion by the district’s nine councillors at their March meeting in Nenagh on Thursday, March 19.

The highest spend will be on improvements at Lehinch in Lower Ormond, where work has already started. The council has allocated E400,000 to this scheme.

On the face of it, the Nenagh town area looks set to lose out. Following the abolition of the town council one year ago, Nenagh must now compete with huge parts of Lower Ormond for funding.

In its final year, Nenagh Twon Council had a budget of E5,842,612. The toal budget for the new expanded district council, which includes Newport, Cloughjordan, Ballina and Borrisokane, as well as many villages, is E7,361,169. A quick estimate of what will be spent on Nenagh town under the new council’s Draft Schedule of Municipal District Work 2015, which was released last week, shows just E531,426 has been earmarked for the district’s major centre.

Nenagh is getting the lowest allocation of E153,172 for general maintenance from the council’s own funds, and the lowest again at E186,654 for discretionary maintenance.

Under both categories, Ballina and Borrisokane are the winners, with Ballina receving E231.119 for general maintenence, and E281,644 for discretionary maintenence. Even Toomevara, E188,947 and E230,254 respectively, is getting more than Nenagh.

Under road projects funded from development levies, Borrisokane will receive a total of E338,000 for surface water restoration (roads) and surface water restoration (water), while Nenagh will get a total of E95,000 for works at Glebe Lane, Sarsfield Street, Kenyon Street burial ground / O’Rahilly Street underground cabling, and footpaths at Woodview Close. The council proposes a total spend in this category of E588,000.

One of the highest spends in the Nenagh area will be E93,600 on restoration improvement work from Brickfield Soccer Club to Wellington Road junction. This is out of a total budget of E2,201,616 for restoration improvements, that sees the Rathurles to Kilruane road get E122,000 and Kilbiller, Coolbaun, receive E118,800. Other high spending works are at Cloneybrien and Ballyhane, E97,200 each. Work at Knockfune will get E90,000; Kilnanaeve, E89,100; Knockshigowna, E86,400, and Lougheen, Carrig, Riverstown, E83,160.

The council will spend E416,703 on maintenence of amenity areas, with Nenagh competing with 21 other towns and villages for funding. The town may also benefit slightly under the E80,000 set aside for community involvement schemes, but is unlikely to gain much from the tertiary roads funding of E187,200, which is open to councillors to spend in their own areas, due to the lack of tertiary roads in the town.

A total of E317,809 will be spent on street cleaning throughout the district and E62,002 on burial ground maintenence. A sum of E30,000 has been set aside for public lighting civil works.

However, no matter which way you look at it, the town spend will be a far cry from the almost E6m it had in 2014.

The council plans to spent E415,759 on local authority housing maintenence.