Roscrea Sacred Heart- Comenius Project

As part of the international Comenius Project the Sacred Heart Primary School Roscrea are promoting Social Awareness.

As part of the international Comenius Project the Sacred Heart Primary School Roscrea are promoting Social Awareness.

The schools which the Sacred Heart Primary are partnered to in the Comenius Project in Aberdeen, Malta, Spain and Armagh also have the same aim. In order to become more Socially Aware the school had a visit on Wednesday from Louise Merrigan. Louise is the Development Education Officer with the Irish Charity GOAL.

All the pupils in the school had the opportunity to meet Louise and listen to her speak with first-hand knowledge of the challenges faced by international aid agencies. It is GOALs mission “To work towards ensuring that the poorest of the poor and most vulnerable in our world - including those affected by humanitarian crises either natural or man-made, have access to the fundamental rights of life - including adequate shelter, food, water and sanitation, healthcare and education and more when necessary.”

The pupils saw images of the conditions that children in other countries where GOAL are actively working live under.

They discussed the dangers of dirty water and its implications for the general health and welfare of communities who do not have the sanitary facilities we are used to. They had the opportunity to contribute their prior knowledge of care for the environment, respect for water and biodiversity during the presentation. The implications of long term abuse of natural resources and its effect on the lives of people was well debated.

Dealing with natural disasters is an important aspect of the work GOAL does. The children saw where these disasters had happened in recent years and discussed how the humanitarian effort to address these works. They learned how GOAL implements practical sustainable programmes aimed at providing simple solutions to complex humanitarian crises. GOAL also works alongside local partners who have similar values and objectives to GOAL.

Following the visit the children will be able to share their learning with the children and teachers in their partner schools. This will inform the Comenius partners what the Sacred Heart pupils are doing to make themselves Socially Aware. This will be achieved by etwinning and by putting photos and information of what was learned on the Comenius Blog.

Louise Merrigan hopes to visit India at Easter as part of her work for GOAL. Everyone at the Sacred Heart Primary School Roscrea wishes her well with her trip and looks forward to hearing of her experiences when she returns.