International Comenius Project brings schoolchildren together across Europe

Gemma Doherty and Sarah Dynan etwinning with students in Spain.
The Sacred Heart Primary school is drawing to a close the first phase of its international Comenius project.

The Sacred Heart Primary school is drawing to a close the first phase of its

international Comenius project.

This project has given the students at the school a huge opportunity to develop their knowledge of Global Citizenship in an interactive, collaborative and up to date way. Participating in Comenius enables the children to enhance their communication skills and strengthen their links with children in other European schools.

The school is currently linked to St. Joseph’s Primary School in Aberdeen, Sagarda Corazon in Madrid, St. Juliens Junior School in Malta and Mount St. Catherines School in Armagh. During future phases of the project it is intended to forge new links with other schools. The children have established pen pals, exchanged cards for special occasions and e-twinned in order to communicate with the children in our partner schools. Face-to-face meetings have also been possible as children have travelled to meet each other to engage in educational activities. These meetings have been particularly successful and will continue in 2014 as part of the Comenius project. These continuing activities facilitate a strengthening of community links and develop the children’s awareness of their ability to contribute effectively to society. The activities implemented are carefully devised and planned with the Goals of Sacred Heart Education in mind. The ethos of the Sacred Heart School in Roscrea is shared by our partner Comenius schools. This fundamental link is unique in aspiration. The parents whose children attend the school play have an essential part in encouraging participation and ensuring progress. Parental involvement is a key feature of the project. Parents sharing their time and talent with the children help to develop the community spirit. This has always been hugely encouraged at the Sacred Heart Primary School. Now, the school intends to purchase ICT equipment to facilitate further opportunities for the children to engage in E-twinning and on-line learning.