Caravan and camping sector doubles capacity in three year

Caravan and camping - the way to go.

Caravan and camping - the way to go.

Speaking at the launch of the ICC’s campaign to encourage more Irish people to go camping this summer, Con Quill, chairperson of the ICC, says the increase in demand is due not only to the excellent value but also the unique holiday experience that caravan and camping offers.

“We know from our own research that more Irish people are choosing to holiday at our parks around the country. Last year, 75 per cent of those visiting parks were Irish, up from less than half in 2010. We also saw a 20 per cent jump in the numbers of families holidaying with us in the same period. It is heartening to see more Irish visitors but we believe there is scope to increase these numbers,” Quill said.

He added: “While camping holidays account for a fifth of all holiday accommodation bednights in the country, caravan and camping still goes unnoticed by a large number of Irish holiday makers. In the UK, the sector accounts for one third of bednights and given our proximity and similar climate, we know that there is the potential for growth.

“For the summer season, we’re focusing our efforts on the domestic market and actively encouraging people to get out and experience camping at any of our member parks. The majority of our parks are in the three and four star category and have first-class facilities and activities that would match, or better, any park in Europe. And while our weather is unpredictable, the right preparation will ensure you and your family will have a fantastic experience.”

The ICC also formally launched its new free Camping Ireland app for iPhone and Android. The app can be used to easily locate campsites and contains a built-in route finder to help users travel from park to park. The app also gives a detailed description of every campsite, including contact information, facilities and special offers.

A full list of ICC caravan and camping parks can also be found on and in the 2013 Guide.