Min. Reilly’s Amnesia Not On - Mary Lou
Tipp a Top Priority for Sinn Fein

By Noel Dundon

Sinn Fein Vice President, Deputy Mary Lou McDonald this week told The Tipperary Star that her party are gearing up to launch candidates for the next local and General Elections with Tipperary being one of their top priorities in the country.

The former MEP, in a wide ranging interview with this newspaper in conjunction with the party outlining it’s stance for a No vote in the up-coming Fiscal Treaty referendum, also lashed Health Minister James Reilly for his apparent “amnesia” as she put it, in relation to promises made about the return of 22 respite beds at the Community Hospital of the Assumption in Thurles.

The Health Minister made the promise in the presence of a delegation from North Tipperary which included the three Oireachtas members, but now has no memory of having made such a promise.

“I think Health Minister James O’Reilly has some explaining to do because you cannot go around making promises and then claim that you cannot remember making them. A Health Minister suffering a form of amnesia is not on. It’s an absolutely off the wall decision for a modern, well run hospital like the Hospital of the Assumption in Thurles to be half closed with wards shut down. It doesn’t make any sense at all and I think Minister Reilly has a bit of work to do on this,” she said.

In relation to running candidates in Tipperary in the up-coming elections, she said, “We plan to run as many candidates as possible throughout the country in the local elections in 2014 and thereafter in the General Election whenever we have one. Our organisation is now identifying candidates with an eye on the General Election in each consistuency and that process will continue for the immediate future. I personally have an increasing sense that change might be on the way and the important thing is that we have a good team around our candidates so that we can give every candidate, every possible chance.”

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