Ethiopian Spud

Irish charity Vita, (formerly Refugee Trust) is appealing for support in Co. Tipperary to help fight hunger in Ethiopia and free families from the risk of famine. A church gate collection will take place at St Mary of the Rosary Church, Nenagh on Saturday 6th and Sunday 7th August, to raise funds for Vita’s Ethiopian Spud Appeal. Funds raised from this collection will provide potato seeds, tools and training to empower families in southern Ethiopia to grow food for life.

Vita is using a new improved variety of potato seed which was developed locally to produce a greater yield which is resistant to the harsh climate. The potato is providing families with food, income and freedom from the risk of famine. Please help us change lives by sharing the Irish love for the Spud! You can support the Vita’s Ethiopian Spud Appeal by calling (01) 873 4303 or donate online at