Kelly Says His Priority Will Be To Establish Regional Links

By Ronan Dodd

By Ronan Dodd

NORTH Tipperary’s Minister of State for Public Transport and Commuter Transport, Alan Kelly, has said that his priority in office will be to establish regional links.

The Nenagh-based Labour TD dismissed any notion that the Commuter Transport element of his portfolio would give rise to the perception that he will be mainly a “Minister for Dublin transport”.

“My brief includes all public transport, and that includes buses, trains, taxis, the whole range of transport options,” he said. “I will also be looking at taxi regulation.”

Among his ambitions is the promotion of local tourism initiatives as part of his Sports and Tourism brief, and to demonstrate that public transport is not just an urban issue but one that is very real issue in rural areas.

“Public transport is normally associated as just being an urban issue. However it is also a rural issue. The majority of people living in North Tipperary commute somewhere for work so we have to enhance the Government’s role in the transport area. I intend to give further support to the rural transport scheme which provides a vital service for many elderly people in rural areas and gives people access to towns for shopping and other vital social needs. It is a major task, but one which I am looking forward to,” he said.

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