Outpouring of Emotion Over Sean
Ross Abbey’s ‘Angels Plot’

By Eoin Kelleher

By Eoin Kelleher

SINCE the Tipperary Star first reported on the issue of the Angels Plot in Sean Ross Abbey two weeks ago, we have received an outpouring of correspondence, emails and comments.

This newspaper does not have space enough to print all of the heartfelt correspondence sent to us by the survivors, relatives, and friends of those who now wish to recover their past, and remember this sad era.

The first half of the 20th century was a time when Irish babies were adopted without the records which are kept today. Huge problems still exist for adoptees seeking information regarding their biological parents.

Babies across Ireland were routinely sent for adoption abroad, making it very difficult for them now, as adults, to trace their roots. Many cannot even find out their real names, or dates of birth. Information regarding medical and family backgrounds is impossible to obtain.

According to one of our readers, over 1,000 mothers and babies are buried in the grounds of Corville House, Roscrea.

“One in eight people in Ireland is, or has a direct relative that was a party in Ireland’s ‘mother and baby’ past,” says Fiona, who is unsure whether this is even her real name. Her Birth Certificate is unavailable. “How many relatives have been hidden in your family?”

Fiona and other survivors feel it is their turn to be heard, and that the graves of their mothers and siblings could be better preserved.

Full story in this week’s Tippperary Star.