Roscrea Parking Income Fails To
Meet Target

By Ronan Dodd

By Ronan Dodd

Area manager Karl Cashen revealed that the expected revenue for 2011 was almost J30,000 under target. The council had allowed for an income of J188,000, but this had only amounted to J166,000.

Mr Cashen said the council had four sources of income from pay parking - pay and display, the sale of permits, half-yearly and yearly discs and parking fines.

Income from pay and display came in at J137,000 off a projected figure of J150,000. He said there had been a drop off towards the end of the year and the recession and free parking in Tesco could account for this. The sale of permits was on tagret at J3,500, while the annual and six-monthly discs had been estimated at J12,000, but had only brought in J8,500. Parking fines amounted to J17,000, but the council had anticipated raising J22,000 through fines.

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