Plenty Of Points Scored, But No Winner Declared

By Brian McDonnell

By Brian McDonnell

PLENTY of points were scored during last week’s election debate in Nenagh Town Hall, but no one was declared a winner.

As expected the financial state of the country dominated the event hosted by the Nenagh Arts Centre and chaired by Garry Cotter (Nenagh Guardian) on Thursday night.

Indeed, the sitting Fianna Fáil TD Máire Hoctor endured a difficult evening.Once Garry Cotter opened the debate to the floor Máire Hoctor was faced with a whole series of questions concerning the performance of the Fianna Fáil-led government - sitting TD Michael Lowry (Independent) also attended the event, but left before the question and answer session got underway citing a prior engagement.

Máire Hoctor said that Fianna Fáil had made decisions because they had “no other option” and that the country was now on the “right road to recovery”. Hoctor also asked the people to “focus on the future” and asked for people’s support in the forthcoming election “on the basis of my track record”.

When Máire Hoctor was specifically challenged on decisions to cut front line services the Fianna Fáil TD said the exchequer “could not stretch that far” and that “everyone had to take the pain”. Independent candidate Kate Bopp, who was motivated to run in the election because she felt no candidate in North Tipperary represented her concerns, was angered by such comments and asked: “what genius decided to sacrifice front line workers when there is a glut of middle management in the civil service?”

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