Town Council News

Tree Cutting

Tree Cutting

Cllr John Kennedy expressed dissatisfaction with the tree cutting which took place in the town recently under overhead cables and said the work left a lot to be desired. He asked the council to ensure that the various locations were tidied up. The Town Clerk said that the matter had been raised before with the relevant agencies.

Bereavement Grant

Cllr Gerard Fogarty called for support for the reinstatement of the bereavement grant which was abolished in the Budget. This, he said, was a severe cut on vulnerable people at difficult times and he offered the view that it would end up hitting the likes of the St Vincent de Paul Society.

Motion on alcohol

Cllr Jim Ryan received support for a motion calling on the Minister for Health to tackle the serious issue of low cost alcohol prices in all off licence outlets in Ireland. The motion was seconded by Cllr Gerard Fogarty while Cllr Michael Cleary offered the view that happy hours in pubs should also be included in the motion as some public houses are engaging in below cost selling and this in turn is leading to binge drinking. Cllr David Doran also supported the motion and said that it is not right that people can be in a drunken state around the twon when there are bye-laws in place to deal with this kind anti-social of behaviour. It needs to be looked at, he said.