Roscrea Tidy Towns Committee - Time For Reflection (part 2 of report)

Many premises have already been painted and brightened up, however we have some remaining that have been power washed for months and are still there with flaked paint on walls. If there is something you can do to improve Roscrea’s mark in “overall appearance”, or the “Built Environment” please have it done in the next two weeks, before the second adjudication takes place (if we are lucky enough).

Many premises have already been painted and brightened up, however we have some remaining that have been power washed for months and are still there with flaked paint on walls. If there is something you can do to improve Roscrea’s mark in “overall appearance”, or the “Built Environment” please have it done in the next two weeks, before the second adjudication takes place (if we are lucky enough).

We also have the Tiobrad Álainn adjudicators visiting the town over the next couple of months, so by working together we can showcase our town in the best light.

If you can tidy a back entrance, yard, link road, or back street, please do it as soon as possible, remove weeds, litter, bollards, posters, advertising signage, and anything you see that detracts from our mark under “Tidiness” and add a few floral displays where possible. It is never too late, and they will be there for next year.

Work for next year starts now, and Tidy Towns people are already working towards their Autumn programme, day and night as weather permits, and also continuing to work every Wednesday evening and Saturday morning – meeting in Rosemary Square at 7 p.m. on Wednesday evenings, and Saturday mornings at 10 am. Members are being very vigilant where litter, posters, advertising boards, coloured pens, cigarette butts etc. are to be seen, and removing as much as possible from the streets and footpaths.

This year Roscrea Tidy Towns Committee acknowledge support and contributions made as follows:

The flowers and maintenance of the Hanging baskets in Main Street has kindly been sponsored by Brian in Super Valu, and his staff.

Michael Tiernan has paved the footpath from Church Street down to the plaza at Tesco, and added four new containers with trees and box hedging. Four trees planted by him on the green area opposite are also welcomed.

Pierce Finn of Maddens Pharmacy has added two lovely three tier planters at the rear of his premises as one walks from Tesco, they are very prominent, and add greatly to the colour and attractiveness of this area.

David Leahy and Transition year students of Coláiste Phobal have created the masterpiece displayed on the wall of the outdoor toilet (up from the roundabout at Tesco) which has been made of used cans – this project has been entered for “The Cans” Award in the Tidy Towns competition, and we wish them the best of luck.

The Scouts leaders and many of their troupes to include cubs have given enormous support this year to the workers, through litter picks, planting of the river, planting a tree in Rosemary Square, and making a very generous donation from their funds towards planting of the river banks (before the flooding took away many of our new water plants).

Doherty Hardware have kindly sponsored paint for F.Á.S. Employees to undertake painting of barriers, gates, doors, railings, etc. in need of painting along the approach roads and in various places around the town.

Tidy Towns people are greatly indebted to Paddy Reidy, and all his workers on the Community Employment Scheme for all their support to include litter picking, strimming, painting, and going here there and everywhere to attend to problem areas, to keep the work done on the various streets and approach roads.

The Council Engineer has also been of tremendous help in removing up to forty redundant posts, and upgrading many of the broken and derelict ones. Various other projects have been done by him in the interest of tidiness, and improvements to footpaths are presently underway, but his list is endless, and we acknowledge all his support to date, and await much more.

The Lions Club sponsored tree planting on the Templemore Road much of which will need to be done again, as trees appear to have died, possibly due to the dry weather at the time.

The Tidy Towns Committee also acknowledge the generous contribution made by Roscrea Credit Union to their planting fund.

Members now await and look forward to some work by the Art students, Aisling, Sinéad, Serena, and Jack who are doing murals on walls and timber work around the town when weather allows them.

It would be remiss of me at this point not to thank the Chamber of Commerce, and especially Brian King, for all their support and encouragement over the past few months through the Press and at local level. Without this support it would be very difficult for a few people to continue putting in the hours they do, both day and night, without someone taking the time to notice, and give them the recognition they deserve. The challenge is there for all of us to work as a team, take pride in our town, and bring Roscrea to the standard we would all like to see.

The Committee also acknowledge and appreciate any support you have given them to date such as floral displays, printing of circulars, photocopying, replacement of gates, building of walls, sponsorship of stone at the Water Hole, cleaning of windows and doors, cleaning of car parks, removal of rubble, removing faded flags and strings of bunting etc. and painting your premises.

All the Volunteers thank you for your generous support to their street collection, and will welcome donations to meet the cost of tree planting in the Autumn, levelling of the Limerick and Templemore approach roads into town, improvements to the roundabouts so more all year round colour is added, the development of a “Tree Way around Roscrea”, “A River Walk”, and also a “Nature Trail”, so a busy year is planned, and the only obstacle at the moment is human and financial resources. (If you can be of any assistance please do not hesitate to come out, join a work group, and do your bit for your town). If not work quietly on your own road, pick up the bottles, cartons etc. as you see them and in doing that you will encourage others. Strim or mow the sides of an unkept roadside, Remove weeds as you see them, or give a rusted gate or dirty wall a new coat of paint. Lastly, keep the dog litter off the roads, streets and green areas of our town.

Anyone who is willing to help out will be very welcome, otherwise we would ask you to make a contribution to Tidy Towns Funds, so their Work Programme can be progressed and members continue to work in the interest of a “More Beautiful and attractive Roscrea”.

Last but not least a “BIG THANK YOU” to Jo Jo, and Barney who do the street cleaning for all of us at the weekends, and who arise early, while many of us are not long in our beds. They are up and out on the streets collecting the cigarette butts, and the litter which should be put in the bins and the receptacles provided, and if so we would have no need for cleaning. How do we rise to this challenge ? - Provide smoking areas at the rear of Publicans, and Bookmakers premises so they are not smoking on the footpath, or outside the front door. Keep the receptacles emptied, or provide a bucket of sand outside the door to collect them.

The four categories Roscrea people now need to concentrate on are “Litter”, “Tidiness”, “Wildlife and Natural Amenities”, and “ROADS, STREETS, AND BACK AREAS” these are the four categories we have the least mark in, so if you can improve or add to our mark under any of the above, we would very much welcome it.

Contacts if you would like to join a work team and help with the 2013 Work Programme are:

Denis Ryan – Chairperson - 0876775382.

Rose Crofton – Treasurer - 0872102776

Steve Crofton - Secretary - 0876993469

Mary Conroy - Co-Ordinator of work programme - 0863476431

Committee Members - Mary Heffernan, Sean Delaney, Mary Buckley, John Buckley, John Byrne, Angela O’Dwyer, Ginterus and Daniel. Jo Jo Cunningham, Barney Loughnane, Dick Conroy, Eamon Phelan, Oliver Egan, Ray Ryan. Eileen Doherty.

Changing The Mindset Will Be An Ongoing Challenge For All Of Us In 2013.