More Parking Provided at Civic Offices, Nenagh

By Noel Dundon

By Noel Dundon

Sixty four additional parking spaces are being provided at the Civic Offices in Nenagh to help cater for the growing parking needs at the busy administrative centre.

With plans in train to relocate the Motor Taxation Office from Banba Square in the near future, council officials decided to invest 360,000 Euro to provide the parking at the rear of the Civic Offices as there is expected to be a big increase in footfall in the coming months.

Members of the council questioned why such money should be spent on providing parking spaces, but County Manager Mr Joe MacGrath defended the action and said that good value for money had been secured.

The council will save between 35 -40,000 Euro per annum, when they vacate the Banba Square office and it is intended that a Tourist Office will be established at that location in conjunction with Shannon Development.

“It is not acceptable that a queue should be out the door at the Motor Taxation Office and the facility has just become unusable. The facilities here in the Civic Offices will be far better and will be more customer friendly,” Mr MacGrath said.