Raid On Cashel Jewellers

By Eoin Kelleher

By Eoin Kelleher

AN attempted raid on a jewellery shop on Cashel’s Main Street over the weekend, has left the 300 year old building with potential structural damage.

Former Mayor of Cashel and South Tipperary County Councillor Tom Wood and his wife Maribel - the current Mayor of Cashel - were given a rude awakening early on Sunday morning when a white van-type vehicle was reverse rammed at full speed into the ‘Tic Toc’ jewellery shop which jeweller Tom Hogan rents from Mr Wood on the ground floor in one of Cashel’s oldest buildings.

Cllr Wood told the Tipperary Star that at about 6.30am, he heard a loud bang. “It was like a bomb going off. The whole house shook. I actually thought it was somebody blowing up the ATM machine across the road.”

Running downstairs on to the Main Street, Cllr Wood managed to see a white vehicle retreating up John Street. It’s understood the vehicle may have been stolen during a spate of robberies which took place in the middle of last week in Cashel. Later on Sunday, a vehicle was found burned out in a quarry off the Dublin Road.

While nothing was taken from the jewellery shop, the building has sustained serious damage. Only for some old stones keeping up the front facade, the raiders may well have penetrated the alarm systems protecting the shop, said Cllr Wood. “They were hoping to smash through the jewellery shop. They weren’t interested in what was on the front window. They were aiming for something else.

“The house is about 300 years,” added Cllr Wood. “I’d say some of the stones which appeared haven’t seen the light of day in a couple of hundred years.”

A spokesperson for Cashel Garda Station said one man aged in his late 20’s was arrested in relation to the incident. He has since been released from custody. Garda investigations are continuing, and a file is being prepared for the DPP. A forensic report is also being prepared for the gardai.