Roscrea Saturday Market proposals

Roscrea should have a Saturday Market, heard this month’s RCDC meeting.

Roscrea should have a Saturday Market, heard this month’s RCDC meeting.

Mr Mike Edwards’ proposals would involve creating a bi-monthly market for local craft traders in the town which people could access on the weekend.

“For some time now many in Roscrea have wanted to see a market on a Saturday, however this has not happened. Abbey Hall has a market on Fridays, yet this has not been a huge success, some would argue that the day itself is restrictive to the many potential customers.

“Many of the potential customers of a market work on weekdays, leaving Saturday as an obvious choice on which to build. I propose that a monthly or bi-monthly Saturday market is established for local craft traders only.

“This market would be open from 10am until 3pm, entry for customers would be free, and a nominal charge of J20 per stall put in place after a number of Saturdays are used to develop footfall. This charge would rise to J50 after the market becomes established. All charges would be for the Abbey Hall.

Market Rules: Stallholders will be responsible for the clean-up of the hall after each market.Stallholders will obey at all times Abbey Hall rules and procedures. Any space allocated is the only space a stallholder may use; extra space if available may be allocated according to set free. All stallholders must be 18 years or older. (Children may not attend with stall holder). Stallholders may set up at 9.30am. Stall fee is payable before market opens (fee to be decided).

“Market opens 10am until 3pm, all stalls must be cleared and hall cleaned by 4pm. Any issues arising must be reported immediately to person responsible for the Market (to be named).

“Obviously, these rules will need to be amended to suit the Abbey Hall committee,” added Mr Edwards. “I am happy to see this project if required.”