New ICA President Visits South Tipp

Members of South Tipperary ICA Federation were delighted to welcome the new National President of ICA, Liz Wall to their Christmas Party in Cahir House Hotel on Sunday last. Speaking after the occasion, Liz said she was delighted to be in South Tipperary and paid compliments to Federation President, Mrs. Peggy O’Brien who is also chairperson of the National Advisory Committee.

Replying to a query about her ‘Chain of Office’, Liz said the original chain was stolen a long time ago and it is a replica of the original one. It was re-designed from photographs. The centre piece is a Waterford Crystal and then the small acorns around the oval part of it are again Waterford Crystal. Each President has an Oak Leaf on it inscribed with her name and term of office. It links back to the first President of ICA, Anita Lett from Wexford who said, when she founded the ICA in 1910, ”from little acorns big oak trees will grow”.

Asked about the success of the ‘Boot Camp’ TV programmes and the recent publication of the ‘Irish Countrywomen’s Association Cookbook’, Liz said; “we seem to be popular again, we seem to be back in vogue - either that or people just forgot about us for a few years and they are now quite relieved to see that we are still there. ICA is getting invited to and attending a lot of functions and we are getting great publicity. There is a great buzz about ICA again with a lot of new members.”

Also Liz told the members that she had the pleasure of recently meeting the niece of the late Mrs. Olivia Hughes of Fethard, and she personally recorded all that the niece had to say about her Aunt’s pioneering role in ICA - locally and nationally. She added that she would love to have met ‘the feisty lady’ from Fethard.