Thurles motions spark exchanges

By Noel Dundon

By Noel Dundon

Two Notices of Motion at Thurles Town Council calling on Minister Ruairi Quinn to resist cutting the primary education sector sparked angry exchanges this week.

Labour councillors John Kenehan and John Kennedy were accused of hypocricy for putting forward a motion to their own Minister on the issue, while at the same time continuing to support him. Cllrs Jim Ryan and David Doran had proposed a similar motion but Cllr Ryan said that he did not want his motion to be associated with the Labour motion, as he wanted ‘no hand, act or part’ in their actions.

Cllr Kenehan defended his motion stating that he had brought his concerns to Minister Quinn. As a parent, and educationalist he is very concerned, he said, and he sought the support of the council, which he felt would carry weight. He had no difficulty with Cllr Ryan’s motion he said, but he expressed sadness that the spirit of the motion had been lost thanks to the exchanges initiated by Cllrs Ryan and Doran.

Cllr Ryan outlined the many cuts made to education since Minister Quinn came into office despite many promises to the contrary and he accused the Government of blatantly lying and covering up cutbacks.

Cllr Doran,said that the Labour motion smacked of hypocricy and added that he was entitled to give his view, when asked by Cllr Kenehan how many children he had in education.