Culbaire Complimented



In relation to the continuation of the parlous state of Tipp GAA finances, please let me compliment and complement what Culbaire says (December 27) to support his view: “Surely, one ventures to think, a slimming down of county team training sessions, and also of numbers involved, could be achieved without any visible harm to actual team performances.”

The County GAA Convention Report on the same page reminds me of our politicians. The focus was mainly on raising revenue rather than on lowering expenses.

Maybe too much attention is being given to the understandable needs of providers of services for players. They have yet to explain how Henry Shefflin and Lar Corbett managed to perform well in 2012 without months of training sessions.

While I’m at it, may I revive the suggestion that I made in your columns over a year ago, that is, that Tipp GAA provide comparable figures for Kilkenny GAA finances?

Joseph F. Foyle,


Dublin 6