Tipperary Battered by Huge Rainfall

Tipperary folk awoke on Wednesday morning to find many roads across the Premier County impassable following extraordinary levels of rainfall over night.

Roads, which have never flooded before, were underwater and motorists, cyclists and pedestrians have been urged to travel with extreme caution as damage to vehicles, and road subsidence could very easily result in breakdowns or accidents.

The county had already recorded very high levels of rainfall this summer with many farmers struggling to get their silage and hay saved. And, the latest persistent downpour has only heaped further misery on the farming community with many forced to turn cattle into uncut fields to let them graze the land. Bringing in heavy machinery to cut silage and hay is simply not an option.

Local authories and emergency services are working round the clock to prevent flood waters from entering premises around Tipperary, and to help alleviate road flooding which is causing huge disruption to traffic.

The advice is, if you don’t have to travel, stay where you are.