Five Year Austerity for North Tipp Roads

Stark Fears of a Return to the 80’s

Stark Fears of a Return to the 80’s

Fears that the roads of North Tipperary will return to the condition of the 1980’s were expressed by members of the local authority this week, with engineering staff stating that they are facing “extremely challenging times.”

Director of Services Mr Marcus O’Connor informed members that following a meeting with the National Roads Authority last week, it has emerged that the total spend on roads for 2007 - 1.7 billion Euro - will not be reached cumulatively over the next five years, and the major cuts to budgets will have “ very very significant impacts” on roads locally.

The stark message could not be dressed up any other way - North Tipperary is facing at least a five year period of trying to keep roads open, rather than improving any routes. It will be roadside austerity of the kind not witnessed in almost thirty years.

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