Semple open for concerts but no interest

Concerns have been expressed about the sale of alcohol in Semple Staidum on big match day.

Concerns have been expressed about the sale of alcohol in Semple Staidum on big match day.

However, there is little interest on the part of those same promoters who prefer instead to use the big population centers such as Dublin, Limerick and Cork for any kind of major concert event.

The issue was raised at the monthly meeting of County Tipperary GAA Board when delegates questioned whether or not Semple Stadium could be used for an event such as the cancelled Garth Brooks concerts in Croke Park.

And, there was more than an air of anticipation amongst delegates who were of the view that a concert would certainly be of major benefit to the local economy and to the coffers of the Stadium in Thurles which played host to a number of highly successful Feile concerts back in the early 1990’s under the stewardship of Deputy Michael Lowry, who was Chairman of the Semple Stadium Management Committee at the time.

Tom Maher, from the Semple Stadium Management Committee informed delegates that that venue was a great place fo rconcerts a few years ago but it is now really hard to get the promoters to agree to them for Semple Stadium as the likes of Dublin and Cork are more attractive.

However, the Moyne Templetuohy man did confirm that contacts have been made with the major music promoters in a bid to bringing them on board in Thurles, bu their requests ‘ have so far fallen on deaf ears,’ Tom Maher said.

In a separate, but related, debate, Bord na n-Og delegate Sean Creamer expressed concern about the sale of alcohol in Semple Stadium on big match day, especially with the presence of so many youngsters at the games.

“This could get out of hand very easily and would need to be monitored. It has been discussed at Bord na n-Og level and is a bit of a concern,” he said.

Board Chairman Sean Nugent said that alcohol is not permitted in the stands and stewards have been made aware of this. He acknowledged that a number of queries had been made in this regard, but said the situation is quite clear. The Chairman agreed that where GAA premises such as the major grounds which have licences, or clubs withs bar, exist, a responsibility also exists and must be treated seriously.