Lowry lash at litany of broken promises

Michael Lowry.
Deputy michael Lowry lashes out over water charges

Deputy michael Lowry lashes out over water charges

The poll topping Independent T.D. this week told The Tipperary Star that the details of water charges published by the Commission for Energy Regulation show that Government figures and promises in this regard were little more than myth, and a cynical ploy to curry favour with a disenchanted electorate in advance of the recent Local Election.

Deputy Lowry stated;

“After three years it is abundantly clear that this Government have not lost the habit of making false promises.

“Households are left incensed with the announcement that water charges will be a substantial 20% higher than the figure promised just three months ago by the Government.”

“In May the Government were emphatic in their insistence that water charges would not exceed €240 for the average family. Instead the average will be much higher at €278, putting our water charges amongst the highest in Europe.”

“Furthermore the free water allowance for children has been slashed by almost half from the 38,000 litres promised by the Government to only 21,000 as announced this week. This means that any water use beyond one shower and one toilet flush, per child, per day will be charged,” deputy Lowry told The Tipperary Star this week.

Deputy Lowry also lashed out at what he described as the illogical and enraging 50% charge on water that is not fit for consumption;

“Water that is not fit for consumption should not be charged, end of story. It’s ridiculous to impose a 50% water charge on homes where 0% of the water is safe to drink. It is an insult to hard working families to ask them to pay a charge, when they are at the same time being denied a basic human right, clean drinking water,” he said.